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How to calculate your perfect breast cup size

Tips as you consider breast augmentation surgery

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This is a question that isn't asked often enough, but that has a pretty easy answer.

Start by calculating your current "correct" bra size. Take a flexible cloth tape measure and measure the circumference of your chests right at your nipple line. Write down this number (A). Then measure the circumference of your chest just underneath your breasts, where your bra strap typically sits. Remember to keep the tape measure level all the way around (it shouldn't drift up in the back like your bra sometimes does). Write down this number (B). B represents the first number in your bra size, and A minus B represents the letter of your bra size, where 1 inch equals one cup size. And voila! This is your current "correct" bra size!

Let's see a quick example.

(A) Measurement around your nipple line = 36 inches

(B) Measurement just under your breasts = 38 inches

(A) minus (B) = 2 inches

=36B current bra size

Stuff it till you like it. We're not really kidding. One of the best ways to determine your perfect cup size is to go to the lingerie section of a department store and have a little fun in the dressing room. Before you leave your house, put on a somewhat form-fitting t-shirt, and remember to throw 4 pairs of socks into your handbag (something in-between running socks and knee-highs).

Once you reach the store, head to a section of bras with a lot of size options. Then, pick up one bra in your current "correct" bra size, and then 2-4 bras at increasing cup sizes (make sure all of the bras are the same brand & fit). So if you are currently a 36B, go ahead and grab a 36B, 36C, 36D, and maybe even a 36E if you're feeling really bold. (Although patients rarely increase their cup size by 4 inches, sometimes it's a good practice to know what not to do.) Now, head to the dressing room.

It's a good idea to start with the largest size first. So put on that bad boy (the 36E in our example), fold all 8 socks in half, and stuff 4 half-folded socks into each side of the bra. Now put your t-shirt back on on take a look! Too big? Then take off your t-shirt, socks, and bra and move to the next size down (the 36D in our example). Stuff the 36D with three pairs of socks and, you guessed it, put your t-shirt back on. Continue this pattern with all four bras (removing one set of folded socks each time you move down a cup size).


It's a good idea to take several photos of yourself from different angles with each bra size so that you can go back and look at them later. It may feel a little weird at first, but trust us, you'll thank us later. Plus, you can use the photos that you like to show your plastic surgeon your ideal size.

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